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What is TakarékPont?

TakarékPont is a new form of cooperation between savings cooperatives and TakarékBank that is stronger than ever. Its participants:

  • offer standardized products and services to retail and SME customers,
  • operate using the same brand and logo.

The branches affiliated with the TakarékPont network continue to offer all the existing services, complemented by standardized options for banking, investment, saving plans for housing, insurance and, soon, leasing. This way you are presented with a range of services that is wider than ever and includes all forms of banking services. This nationwide cooperation, overseen by TakarékBank, provides higher flexibility and security and ensures that customers always have access to the most competitive solutions on the market.

The advantages of TakarékPont:

  • Unites the strength of savings cooperatives
  • Offers competitive products and flexible solutions
  • A trademark of quality: standardized and high quality products, thorough and centralized training
  • Our standardized product range comes with a strong awareness of local needs
  • Having the same products and services offered all over the country makes them comparable to other banking products
  • Members go beyond their local presence by creating and offering value on a national level.

Members of TakarékPont

  • Baki Takarék
  • Borsod Takarék
  • Felsőzsolca Takarék
  • Fókusz Takarék
  • Gyöngyös-Mátra Takarék
  • Hajdú Takarék
  • Hungária Takarék
  • Környe-Bokod Takarék
  • Lébény-Kunsziget Takarék
  • Mohácsi Takarék Bank
  • Pannon Takarék Bank
  • Partiscum Takarék
  • Pátria Takarék
  • Polgári Takarék
  • Rajkai Takarék
  • Rakamaz Takarék
  • Sajóvölgye Takarék
  • Savaria Takarék
  • Somogy Takarék
  • Szabolcs Takarék
  • Szigetvári Takarék
  • Vasvári Takarék
  • Zirci Takarék

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